We're simply the easiest way to add RSS to your favourite websites! You can create an RSS feed for literally anything online. It's fast, FREE, and automatic.

We're already managing over 2,264,620 RSS entries for our readers. Let us add RSS to your favourite sites!

Now you can add RSS to anything online!

RSSPECT makes RSS insanely simple. We offer three kinds of feeds, so you can add an RSS feed to literally anything you find online. All of our services are FREE, and no ads will appear on any of your feeds. You can set a feed within seconds.

AnySite feeds allow you to create update feeds from any website or any document online, even those that you don't control. Want to be updated when a particular webpage, mp3 file, or PDF document is updated? All you need is the URL, and you're set. It's a great way to keep on top of anything that happens online.

MySite feeds allow you to generate advanced RSS feeds from your own website content, automatically! You just need to add our invisible markup tags to your site, and you can control every aspect of the feed. MySite feeds can contain anything you want, and there's no software to install. They just work.

Podcast feeds are specially-designed RSS feeds to be used with iTunes. Why pay for expensive podcasting software? These feeds allow you to get your podcast listed on iTunes, and to keep it updated!

It doesn't stop there. Our Web Alerts feature lets your RSS feeds double as a mailing list, and our RSS 2 HTML technology turns your RSS feeds into plugins that can be placed on any website, making them easier for readers - and search engines - to find. Each service is free and super easy to set up.

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