RSSPECT: April 29th 2006 - April 30th 2014

RSSPECT was in sunset mode for the past several years (no new premium accounts two years ago, no new feeds at all one year ago), and we'd hoped that we could operate in a "last one out, turn off the lights" sort of way. It happily ran itself on a little server in NYC. We didn't really check in on it. That was our mistake.

Unfortunately, we suffered a database loss earlier this week, and backups weren't operating properly. Among the data lost was our users table, which tells us which feed belongs to which person. With this loss, RSSPECT has finally been put out to pasture.

If you liked what we did, thanks! RSSPECT was a fun little project that solved a problem for a lot of people in a pretty easy way. There are a few other sites who have followed in our footsteps, which you can find by searching for webpage into rss feed.

Thanks for using RSSPECT, and I'm sorry we couldn't end it more gracefully.